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Our Boutique Law Firm providing both, Legal and Science, is officiated in Munich; which is specialized in European and International Law therefore is dedicated to working in selected areas. These areas include Food and Feed Law and connected sectors, such as Food Contact Material Regulations; Pharmaceutical Law, Cosmetic Law, Medicinal Device Law; and serve other aspects of Competition and Commercial Law, including International Private Law. In these niche areas of law practice, we provide tailor-made and sustainable solutions to our clientele. Due to previous experience we have come to realize the importance of interdisciplinary dialogue. Therefore we co-operate closely with the Scientific Establishment, including our partner, GmbH; where we integrate this information into our legal consultancy; in order to work out the correct solutions to apply to our clientele. The European point of view plays a decisive role regarding the Law areas in which our Establishment is specialized; which have been strongly influenced by EU Law. This means that questions which are raised in these areas cannot be responded to, from a merely national perspective. We have at our disposal a network of European lawyers, all of whom are experts in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Medicinal Device Regulations, in order to provide our clients with solutions that go beyond national thinking. Furthermore, in order to benefit and support our clients, we are in steady contact to Institutions, Authorities and Organizations with relevance to these sectors; this at a National, European and an International level, including the European Food Safety Authority in Parma (Italy), the Ministries of Health in the Member States, the Food Industries' Associations, the European Commission, as well as the World Trade Organization, etc. Furthermore, we represent clients before the Court of Justice of the European Union, before the German and Italian courts, and also before the competent Antitrust Authorities and Institutes for self-regulation in advertising.


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