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Crisis Management.

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"Crisis" is translated into Chinese as weiji 危机, consisting of the words "wei" ("danger") and "ji" ("chance"). Hence "weiji" indicates a situation that has reached an extremely difficult point while also indicating a turn for the better. Nor does the Greek word "krisis" describe a hopeless situation, but, rather, the climax and turning point in a dangerous situation, from which point onwards things can only get better.

Crisis situations call for a comprehensive understanding as well as an ability to deal with risk assessment, crisis communication and management in order to avoid remaining in the critical situation. In our modern world where transparency in itself appears to be the biggest requirement, food enterprises increasingly have to face "crisis" situations, whether in connection with public (product) warnings and recalls or in so-called talk shows or "scoops" about the labelling and advertising of food products, or about the strategies of food enterprises in general.

A crisis is always news, in the sense of "bad news is good news". The dimensions of a crisis perceivable to consumers therefore depend not only on the genuine or alleged risk (to health / of deception) and its geographical scope (local, regional, national or international), but also and especially on how the matter is presented by the media and interest groups (NGOs). Although the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has soberly concluded that consumers do not have to worry in the face of recent discoveries of dioxin, what consumers hear is mainly the media echo about "poison in eggs".

We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the course of crisis situations. A crisis situation can only be overcome by means of a combination of risk assessment, crisis communication and management, provided it is understood as a chance to make changes that might be necessary.

The requisite Risk Assessment includes, in particular, the identification and characterization of the risks, flanked by exposure assessments and culminating in an estimate of risk. The products most often concerned are food products (affected e.g. by pesticide traces) and consumer products (migration). Since a crisis situation cannot be controlled without a profound knowledge of the relevant problems, we integrate the expertise of our scientific cooperation partner GmbH into the legal advice we offer.

Communication is crucial where information, transparency and trustworthy solutions are expected. We provide assistance in preparing and realizing communications measures in relation to the authorities, the media, customers, stakeholders and employees. It is particularly important in a crisis situation to play an active role in the external impression conveyed. In individual cases however the phrase "silence is golden" can apply.

As crisis managers we offer on-site advisory services in your enterprise as well as process planning and implementation of crisis management (also where product recalls are concerned), including the prompt steering of internal and external communications routes.

You can learn how to handle crisis situations. In concise workshops and practical crisis seminars we point out the right route through unsafe terrain. We offer a hands-on compact seminar with must-do instructions:

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Apart from this: crisis prevention is of the utmost importance. Some – if not all – crisis situations can be avoided by seeking advice at an early point in time and through a critical examination of one's own products and work processes.

Don't wait until a crisis arises to contact us. Yet if a crisis does arise, you should be familiar with our Crisis Hotline: 0049-89-55 06 988-29 or Link






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